All of Freedom Farmers 8ths are weighed a half gram over for a total of 4g’s per 8th unless otherwise noted

$55 8th includes:  Oreo Runtz, Sweet Tea, Apples and Bananas, Mendo Purps, Root Beer Float,  Pandoras Box, Guava, Chemdawg, El Camino, Cherry Kush, Slapz Og or Ice Cream Cake!

$50 8th includes: Smashed Co. 3.5g 8ths.  Sherbacio or Sour Diesel

$40 8th special includes:  Mochi Cream, Gelato #42, Skywalker Og, Gold leaf, Super Silver Haze ,  Pink Panties, RS11, Ghost Train Haze, Cake Mintz and more!

$25 8th special includes:   Larry Bird, Sour Cheese, Acapulco Gold (popcorn), Durban Poison, Moonshine Og, Super Skunk  and More!